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Citrus Oatmeal

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Citrus Oatmeal is a great combo for those who likes citrus smell and oatmeal’s exfoliates at the same time. It makes you fresh like a newly cultivated lime on every single bath.

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Citrus Oatmeal works wonder for Oily and combination skin. It helps in removing excess oil and dust from your face and body. It is refreshing too at the same time.

 Soap Categories :

  1. All Skin Types
  1. Citrus
  1. Textured / exfoliates


Lime essential oil has antiseptic, bactericidal, disinfectant and astringent properties that fights against harmful bacteria causing skin infections, heals cuts, wounds, boils, cellulites, varicose veins, acne and other skin eruptions. In aromatherapy it is refreshing, rejuvenating, revitalizing, strengthening, uplifting and calming in nature.

Oats are effective in fighting dull, flaky dryness as they contain polysaccharides, which become gelatinous in water. They form a fine protective film when applied on skin. The cereal is effective in addressing dry skin symptoms like itching, rashes, scales, peeling etc. It acts as a natural moisturizer by removing the dead skin cells. It contains beta-glucan that forms a fine film on our skin as well as penetrates deep into the skin to provide much needed deep moisturizing to our skin.

Base Ingredients used are : Saponified Olive Oil, Saponified Coconut Oil, Saponified Sunflower Oil, Saponified Sesame Oil, Saponified Rice Bran Oil, Saponified Soybean Oil, Saponified Castor Oil, Saponified Palm Oil,  Shea Butter, Lye, Glycerin and Milk.

All of our products are free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives or any synthetics.

We use Rosemary Extract as an optional natural preservative. We also use natural colorants (optional) only.