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Ylang Ylang Soap

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Exotic, voluptuous scent, resembles a mixture of Jasmine and Almond, very sweet.

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Ylang Ylang Soap have an exotic aroma that feels energetic and youthful. It is a mood changing soap and relieves depression and anxiety. Useful for all skin type.

Soap Categories :

  1. All Skin Types
  2. Floral
  3. Textured / Smooth


Ylang ylang oil can assist with problems such as high blood pressure, rapid breathing and heartbeat, nervous conditions, as well as impotence and frigidity.

Ylang Ylang oil has been praised to have this amazing flower oil is also known to have the properties of an anti-depressant, a nervous system tonic, reliever of depression, anxiety, tension, irritability and stress related insomnia.

Base Ingredients used are : Saponified Olive Oil, Saponified Coconut Oil, Saponified Sunflower Oil, Saponified Sesame Oil, Saponified Rice Bran Oil, Saponified Soybean Oil, Saponified Castor Oil, Saponified Palm Oil,  Shea Butter, Lye, Glycerin and Milk.

All of our products are free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives or any synthetics.

We use Rosemary Extract as an optional natural preservative. We also use natural colorants (optional) only.