Interested in selling our product in your store?

 Please go to our website and create an account or call us at +91 8696 47 6607. Wholesale Distributors must provide a valid resale license.

You may email us a copy of your license to Once we receive your info we will activate your Wholesale Account status and you will be able to view prices and make purchases.

  • First time order, there is a INR 2,50,000 minimum and INR 1,25,000 minimum for reorders.
  • Interested in Private Label or Custom Orders? Please feel free to call +91 8696 47 6607 or Contact us with a description of what you are looking for and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Quality natural handmade soap and body care products are what the discerning consumer is looking for these days. They want a product that is safe, benefits their health and their lives, and is gentle on the planet. At Neels Naturals, we create all of our products by hand with these factors in mind. In addition, we strive to design all of our systems to help our wholesale customers get the products to the public in the most efficient way. Whether you are a retailer, exclusive spa, resort or B&B we can tailor our products to fit your needs. We offer several wholesale options that can suits your particular need.

We are having shelf-ready retail bars with an attractive Neels Naturals label listing the ingredients. There is a 6- bar minimum on the WTB wrapped bars and they can be purchased anytime from our website.